"So What's It Take To Build A Loving Home
through Family Parenting?"

Family Life Parenting is parenting with purpose. It is creating lifetime memories with the people you love and cherish. It is growing together and spending time together.

What made your home the loving home that you love to return to for all of those special occasions?

What's your ideal picture of a loving home?

Making a loving home has to be planned. It has to be made with purpose and it has to be made on purpose.

We have been working as educators and coaches for the past 20 years. It is a real joy to work with, teach, guide, encourage and inspire young minds as they develop and mature into life long learners. Whether we are working with elementary aged children, high schoolers, or athletes, it is always exciting to watch them reach and strive for their potential. This has always been tremendously rewarding. We are still learning and we still make mistakes, but our greatest joy in applying our teaching and coaching abilities is with parenting our own five children.

We all have busy lives and there are many distractions that can take time away from our families. We can help you with practical ideas to encourage you and to inspire you as you face the daily challenges of parenting today. We look forward to sharing and rejoicing with you on your successes. Come with us and we will travel together as our families continue to grow into a loving home filled with laughter and memories that we will cherish for the many years to come.

Parenting with purpose starts with seeing the big picture of what you really want to create and achieve for your home. Working together and finding that picture may take some hard work but we have been learning to lean on God and seek His guidance.

We want to get to the 'heart' of each child and build up and value each family member to line up with God's picture for our lives. Parenting and nurturing our homes and family life, challenges us every day.

In this website we want to share with you practical ideas, struggles, challenges, successes and victories through the areas of family life...

• Goals for growth and keeping your family on track with your family vision

• Dad's role with his children

• The importance of a husband's role to his wife and his marriage

• A family and 1 income. Do we have to have 2 incomes?

• Quick Nutritious Snacks & Healthy Recipes for you and your loved ones

• Grandparents and their supportive roles

• Babies and you

• Education starts at home with character, respect & good manners

• Learning through play

• Dealing with Ciliac and what to Eat

• Teaching children Mathematics

• Traditions, character building and creating lifelong memories

• Positive sayings & quotes to keep motivated

And lots more fun to come as we add new tips, updates, interviews and...

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  "For I Know The Plans
      I Have For You,"
     declares the Lord,
"Plans To Prosper You
     And Not To Harm You,
   Plans To Give You Hope
     And A Future."

                       --Jeremiah 29:11