5 Packed Romance Ideas
Strengthen Your Relationships
Fun Ways To Show Love!

Here are 5 packed romance ideas with fun ways to show love at Valentines, Birthdays, Anniversaries or just because you want to let that someone special know how much you value your relationship together.

Make it fun for both of you...

...enjoy each idea you try

Coming up with creative and new romance ideas takes some extra energy and focus, but your relationships are always worth putting in that little extra to keep on 'kindling' the spark that got the both of you together!

Fun Romance Ideas To Show Your Love

1) Treasure Hunt
  • Take a treasure hunt around your home or through the city
  • Tailor the treasure hunt to what your mate really enjoys
  • My husband loves solving puzzles and the kids love to join in
Treasure Ideas:
- play a game you already own with seasoned popcorn
- basket of your spouse's favorite treats with a movie
- massage, foot bath, rejuvenating mask, body cream
- intimate massage with a romantic setting in your room choice
- evening wear with show tickets standing out of the pockets
- get opera, theater, movie, sporting event or favorite team tickets
2) Public Statement Of Your Love
  • Make a banner for work, the garage or over the front door
  • Use sidewalk chalk to write, draw and color a sign on the driveway
  • Use radio, TV, a newspaper or magazine to express your love
  • Rent a billboard, attach an 'I love You' banner to a HWY overpass
  • Rent ad space on trains & buses just for your spouse
  • Use a scoreboard to proclaim your love announcement
3) Sports Date
  • Go running, biking, hiking, or white water rafting together
  • Plan a round of golf, play tennis, basketball in the park or mini-golf
  • Take up rock climbing lessons, ballroom dancing or learn swing
  • Go tobogganing, skiing or skating together on a Sunday afternoon
  • Do yoga, pilates, weight-lifting or an aerobics class together
  • Have some fun and go for Friday evening paintball
4) 'Kidnap' Your Date
  • Kidnap your date from work, home and the daily pressures of life
  • Have uninterrupted focused together time: talk, laugh and listen
  • Have dinner in the park, at a favorite restaurant or go to a pool
  • Go back to your early dating years and roller skate or go bowling
  • Visit an art gallery or learn hand-in-hand about nearby monuments
  • Reserve tickets to go out while the kids taken care of
  • Make big plans: a hiking trip, bus, train or car trip to another city
5) Personalize Gifts
  • Make a visually appealing romantic road map of your life together
  • Write a poem, memorize a love poem or song and recite it
  • Play a musical instrument or make a CD of their favorite music
  • Personalize a candy bar wrapper with their own love message
  • Bake a large German folklore love heart gingerbread cookie
  • Personalize jewelry, perfume, t-shirt, throw blanket, or money clip
  • Make a DVD music video with your wedding & dating pictures
  • Design a key chain, digital or picture frame of both of you together
Presentation Ideas:
- Sing or recite under the stars or at work as cupid or Shakespeare
- Package your gift in a red bottle or inside a favorite desert
- Place their personalized gift under or on top of their pillow
- Attach your gift to a flower delivery or add balloons to it
- Have a short love note in a fortune cookie
- Have fun presenting the gift in a special and thoughtful way

Show your spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend or that special someone that you care about them and you want to keep on building a stronger relationship. Romance ideas can recharge your relationship, why not try a few today.

Keep working on adding romance ideas to your relationship and...Have Fun!

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