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Add to your favorite sites to spend time at and check back with us often as we add more and more content pages along the many different areas and challenges that we as families face. We trust that you have heard about or come across the ideas of ’Marriage Keepers’ to keep working on strengthening your marriage and the ’Torch Bearers’ to support men in stepping up to being the spiritual leader of the family; we would love to start a trend of building, developing and focusing again on the family and bringing it’s importance back into the mainstream.

Now that, would be a real trend setter COOL We hope to see you again as we keep up with our journey to provide Family-Life-Parenting as a portal and expert source of information to families that truly believe in the family unit. We love to play, learn and grow together as a family. It is so exciting to watch our children and our relationships together grow stronger as we work together and share our lives with each other. I just love having & making time with my family.

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