Valentines Ideas For Couples
Building Relationships Together

Great valentines ideas for couples, sharing, caring, importance of touch, SHMILY and our top 5 valentines day suggestions

No one really knows who Saint Valentines was but church records show two men named Valentine. One legend says that a man helped young soldiers to marry. When the Emperor found out, he became outraged and put Valentine in jail. The Roman children loved Valentine so much that they wrote little notes of encouragement and sent them to him in prison. The notes said that they loved him and missed him.

Marriage and relationships take hard work. This is a perfect time of the year to reconnect and take time to show your love to your loved ones. Let them know in special ways how much you love & value them.

Your mate can be left ‘out in the cold’ when life gets busy and you’re giving to everyone around you: children, parents, pets, friends, extended family & even your job. Use valentines ideas for couples.

Let’s slow down to show love to that special someone in our life and...

Let’s reconnect as a couple.

Make A Plan
  • Plan for your spouse and not yourself.
  • Start early
  • Take time to study your mate and try a couples quiz together
  • Your gift should show thought, care & love towards your loved one
  • Package & decorate beautifully a gift for them
  • Make their gift a 'jaw-dropping breath-taker'
  • Add romance: candles, flowers, petals, balloons & soft music
Keep your goal to show your mate that they are special and remind them of all the reasons why you love them and fall in love all over again.


See How Much I Love You
We read a story about using S.H.M.I.L.Y. to keep our thoughts on each other & use our creativity to tell each other 'I Love You' as often as we can in many different ways. This has become a favorite game of ours.
Try it, you'll both love trying to out do each other.
  • Use simple ways to tell your loved one how much you love them
  • Put little notes in shoes, shirt pockets or in their wallet or purse
  • Write a note on the fridge, mirror or toilet paper
  • Put a surprise in a cupboard, closet, the fridge or their briefcase
  • Place a love letter in their reading book or presentation material
  • Add S.H.M.I.L.Y. on cookies or cakes for special celebrations
  • Watch and connect with great valentines ideas for couples

Laugh, Share & Touch

1) Relationship Laughter
  • Laugh more in your relationship
  • Watch funny movies, tell jokes and read cartoons together
  • Do something silly to make each other laugh
  • Try what made you laugh together when you were dating
  • Have a tickle fight together on the couch or 'anywhere'
2) Share Things & Do Things Together
  • Do crossword puzzles, Sudoku and play boardgames together
  • Join a co-ed sports team, take dance lessons or a cooking class
  • Discuss and share with each other a book you are reading
  • Talk together about one of your interests every day
  • Connect with each other talking & sharing your day
3) Keep Physical Touch Alive
  • Connect with physical touch holding hands every chance you get
  • Take every opportunity to steal kisses & hugs from each other
  • Touch their hand, a passing back rub & hold on just a bit longer
  • Whisper in their ear & add a gentle caress
  • Keep up romance & intimacy and stay sexually connected

I have challenges with keeping physical, especially during the end of my pregnancies with my own added physical sensitivity & I start to push my husband away. It's hard when the baby comes taking all my time, energy and attention with little left for my husband. I need to really work at bringing him in again. I have to make it intentional and push myself to do it. A passing back rub, holding a bit longer, adding words of encouragement and affirmations, kissing and hugging every day to open myself up again. It may take him some time to respond but I have to keep doing it. Reconnecting sexually with perfumed sheets, massage oil, a sexy outfit, some soft music and letting my heart skip a beat, desiring him all over again.

Keep Connected using some of these Valentines ideas for couples.

Love is patient, caring and kind. Have a great Valentines Day together!

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