Love In A Marriage Recipe
'Smile For A Mile'

Simple daily recipes for love in a marriage builds a happy marriage relationship that benefits you and your whole family. Love and marriages takes hard work and dedication, but well worth the investment.

I think we have had to work harder and harder at building our relationship together as our family has continued to grow with each additional child. We do view children as true blessings from God and balancing responsibilities at work and at home does get challenging. Stick with it! If we can keep our spouse at the forefront of our minds each day and try to do something special for them everyday I think we can keep building our marriage relationship even with a full house. With number 6 baby in the house extra attention gets diverted very quickly and finding little time investments for our spouses have becoming more crucial. Little gestures, quiet times together and simply sitting down despite all the hustle and busyness helps us meet up with each other. These times have become beautiful and precious for us.

Enjoy building love in a marriage with each gesture from your spouse.

Give encouraging words to your spouse every morning, every afternoon and every evening. Can you still remember the spark that got the two of you together? Remember those times and reminisce together.

Here is a fun 'No Bake' happy marriage recipe to make each of you smile...

Ingredients: Love And Marriages
- 2 cups Loyalty
- 4 cups Love
- 2 cups Kisses
- 5 cups Kindness
- 2 Hearts of Forgiveness
- 2 Armfuls Gentleness
- 2 cups Patience
- 3 Cartons Fun
- 2 cups Thoughtfulness
- 4 cups Understanding
- 1 Barrel Laughter
- 1 Mile of Smiles
- 2 Portions Listening
- 1 Portion Talking Time
- 1 Truckload Words of Encouragement
- 1 Trunk Tickle Giggles
Making A Happy Marriage
  • Mix Love and Loyalty thoroughly with Faith
  • Blend in Patience and Armfuls of Gentleness
  • Add in Kindness alternately with Kisses
  • Fold in Fun, Laughter, Understanding and Tickle Giggles
  • Combine 2 parts Listening to 1 part Talking
  • Top with Forgiveness and Thoughtfulness
  • Spread evenly with Smiles and Sunshine
  • Sprinkle Words Of Encouragement throughout
  • No baking required. Serve daily and enjoy!

Nutrition Facts: Recipe For A Happy Marriage
The Serving Totals: Generous Helpings As Needed
The Preparing Time: No Time At All
Nutritional Amount: Healthy Happy Beyond Measure

Love in a marriage starts with each of our active participation. May God Continue To Strengthen & Bless You And Your Marriage

Have a Wonderful Day Together!

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