Top 10 Fun Dating Ideas
For Valentines, Birthdays, Anniversaries Or Just Because...!

These fun dating ideas are great as valentines day suggestions, birthday suggestions or anniversary suggestions for girlfriends, boyfriends, husbands and wives to keep building romance and intimacy in your relationships.

Great inexpensive celebration ideas you can use today!

Try a couple of these ideas and you and your relationship will grow and deepen.

Have some fun!

Top 10 Celebration Suggestions

1) Photo Date
  • Taking pictures of the 2 of you around town eating & laughing
2) Book Date
  • Evening of reading together with some snack food
  • Sharing and telling each other about the book you are reading
  • Go to a bookstore with story times for your kids
3) Gourmet Cooking Date
  • Go to a cooking class together
  • Choose a theme, grocery shop together with one as the chef
4) Kissing Challenge
  • Kiss each other every time you see or say a special word
5) Love Chain Date
  • Link together notes with glue/tape written on special paper
  • Write their best qualities & things you like about each other
6) Make a Mailbox
  • Wrap up a shoe box each with beautiful wrapping paper
  • Cut a slit on top to drop in letters & love notes to each other
7) Home Dinner Date
  • Have a romantic dinner somewhere different in your home
  • Try the attic, basement, living room, a closet, r a hallway
  • Camp-out in the backyard with sleeping bags & a tent
8) Sweet Life Jar
  • Fill a jar with their favorite candies or chocolates
  • Label as: "You Make My Life So Sweet"
9) Walk-&-Talk Date
  • walk around the block, the city, a park, on a nature trail
  • walk down the beach or go to the mall together
  • Great boost to your health and keeping open communication
10) 3 Wishes Date
  • Start early morning, dress up as cupid to grant 3 wishes
  • Focus on your romance and being intimate together

Have a great time with these fun dating ideas and enjoy each other.
Have a Happy valentines Day, Happy Birthday and a Happy Anniversary.

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