Wedding Anniversary Gifts!
Traditional & Modern Gift Ideas
To Use This Year

Every Year wedding anniversary gifts of chocolates, flowers and a card. Guys...that is boring! Have some fun with these gift ideas, both traditional anniversary gifts and modern ones. It helps me to focus on planning and getting new and different wedding anniversary ideas for each year's anniversary celebration.

Whether 'newly weds', celebrating a few years, a decade or you are hitting double digits...

Celebrate your anniversary with some of these great traditional anniversary gifts that you & your loved one are sure to enjoy.

"Your Wedding Anniversary Ideas By Year"

'Newly-Wed' Marriage Years
  • 1st Year--Paper
  • 2nd Year--Cotton
  • 3rd Year--Leather
  • 4th Year--Linen and Silk, fruit & Flowers
  • 5th Year--Wood
  • 6th Year--Candy, Sugar or Iron
  • 7th Year--Wool or Copper
  • 8th Year--Bronze, Rubber or Salt
  • 9th Year--Pottery or Copper(uk)
Mini Double Digit Milestones--Way To Go!
  • 10th Year--Tin or Aluminium
  • 11th Year--Steel
  • 12th Year--Linen
  • 13th Year--Lace
  • 14th Year--Ivory
  • 15th Year--Crystal
Major Double Digit Milestones--Congratulations!
  • 20th Year--China
  • 25th Year--Silver
  • 30th Year--Pearl
  • 35th Year--Coral
  • 40th Year--Ruby
  • 45th Year--Sapphire
  • 50th Year--Gold
  • 55th Year--Emerald
True 'Golden' Years--Well Deserved Admiration!
  • 60th Year--Diamond
  • 65th Year--Blue or Star Sapphire
  • 70th Year--Platinum
  • 75th Year--Gold Diamond
  • 80th Year--Oak
  • 90th Year--Granite(no joke)

Build your anniversary gifts into a special celebration. I have tried a few variations that have always brightened up my wife's day. You can always go for a traditional material as the focus of your gift for the anniversary you are celebrating or have a gift a day for each year of marriage with the last gift using the traditional material. Or...try this one. Have a traditional gift each day, one for each year of your marriage up to the number of years you are celebrating. If you are celebrating your 12th wedding anniversary, you'll have 12 wedding anniversary gifts, for 12 days. It take some planning but it is really awesome--your wife will be speechless...

I have to share with all of you what a challenge I have been facing this year with anniversary-gifts-a-day for each year of my marriage to my beautiful wife. I surprised her with a trip and then doubly surprised her by showing up with the rest of our kids at the airport. It was good...but planning our 15 years of marriage a gift-a-day-per-year-of-marriage has been tough. I will upload some pictures of the wedding anniversary gifts I did this year to give you a little bit of added planning 'ammunition' ideas.

Men, it is worth it! We have to try to find something that works for each one us to always keep our wife in the forefront of our thoughts.

Have fun with it, falling in love all over again and again every year.

Check back as we will add a download & printable file comparing year to year traditional & modern anniversary gifts. And...practical gift ideas for each year's wedding anniversary celebration your spouse will love.

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