Baby Bath & Bonding
Keeping Baby Clean

We like to give our babies their first baby bath about a week after the birth--once the umbilical cord stump has fallen off to try and avoid any increased chances of infection. We enjoy bathing baby 2 to 3 times a week and take each bath time as an opportunity for bonding through talking, singing and laughing together.

We like to follow a few steps in giving a newborn baby bath and we hope these tips and steps will help you and your newborn as you continue to bond with your baby at bath time. Take your time, always hold your baby securely, and enjoy your bath time with your baby.

Getting The Bath Ready
  • Have the bathroom at a temperature of 22 C (71 F)
  • Use cold water then add warm water, stir to avoid 'hot' spots
  • Test the water with a baby thermometer 36 C (96 F)
Face & Neck
  • Keep baby wrapped in a towel with their undershirt and diaper on
  • Use a moistened cotton ball and wipe the eyes
  • Clean the face and neck
Washing The Hair
  • Remove undershirt and keep your baby wrapped in a towel
  • Lower the head over the bath & gently pour water over baby's hair
  • Gently rub shampoo into hair, avoid the eyes & rinse with water
  • Pat dry baby's hair right away(lots of heat loss through their head)
Bathing Baby's Body
  • Remove the towel and diaper
  • Support body and head, gently and slowly lower baby into bath
  • Use your other hand to splash water over baby
  • Softly use liquid body baby soap to wash baby and rinse away
  • Keep baby's head above the water
  • Comfort your baby with talking, singing and joyful expressions
Drying & Dressing
  • Wrap your baby in a soft and dry baby towel
  • Pat baby dry, making sure that no water is in any skin creases
  • Give baby gentle massage while applying baby cream
  • Diaper and dress your baby

A hungry or tired baby will make bathing baby a bit challenging, but always hold your baby securely and have glowing expressions of joy while talking and interacting with your baby.

Have fun as you continue to keep on building your bond with your baby during bath time. Always make it a lot of fun and an enjoyable time for both you and your baby.

You're doing a great job!

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