Birthday Party Games For Kids...
Get Rid Of Elimination Games

Inclusion Activities Builds Kids Up!

A variety of Birthday party games for kids has been a lot of fun at each of our Birthday parties. Growing up with a lot of elimination games made it easy to run those types of games but we often noticed that some kids got 'ousted' quite regularly and they really didn't seem to feel so good.

We decided to try to build up kids with more inclusion activities.

"Good-Bye" Elimination Games,
"Hello" Inclusion Activities

  • Everyone has an equal chance for a win-win
  • Games can involve a set time that each participant works against
  • Participation awards of certificates, stickers or candies are given
  • Larger prizes are wrapped, put in loot bags to open at home
  • Kids improve against themselves instead of against another child
  • Children will naturally encourage each other when all are included
  • 'Hot Potato' or 'Pass the meteorite' earns players prize points
  • Vary eliminations to go into inclusion activities for a prize
Vary the different games for Birthday parties. Turn 'old' elimination games into inclusion activities. Involve everyone playing against a set time like:
  • How many basketball shots can you make in 90 seconds
  • How many tins can you knock over in 3 tries
  • Have teams on bouncy balls to toss a ring with place prizes
  • Fishing for duckies, numbered for points
  • Bean bag toss to score points for 5 shots

We have had a lot of fun at our kids birthday parties with these games. As coaches and instructors we are all too familiar with the negative impact on kids when they are 'eliminated' from a game. It was great to see the competitiveness and good natured support to each other when shooting 'hoops' against the time or seeing how many points they could get tossing 5 bean bags. These types of birthday party games for kids build up our kids confidence and esteem through inclusion and never feeling rejected and 'ousted'.

Have lots of Fun with your next birthday party.

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