Planning Birthday Party Idea
Be Prepared & Keep The Fun Rolling!

Plan and prepare each Birthday party idea for the crafts, games & activities you would like to run at the party. When you plan a party and and start organizing party activities, write down all your needs, supplies and ultimate goals for each of the Birthday activities.

Organize & prepare in advance all Birthday activities, games & crafts.

Here is our checklist that helps us to plan out our Birthday activities:

Checklist Plan: Organizing Party Fun

  • Gather props & craft supplies
  • Research age appropriate games that engage kids
  • Balance outdoor and indoor activities
  • List 3-4 kids outdoor games & what is needed
  • List 4-5 kids indoor games & requirements
  • Combine old & new birthday games, add twists to old games
  • Have incentives: prizes, awards, ribbons, stickers & candies
  • Have 2-3 back-ups for extra time or 'flopped' Birthday activities
  • Schedule no 'free play time' or 'dead' time
  • Have crafts, activities & game stations set up & decorated
  • Know the instructions to the Birthday games & activities
  • Make a time schedule for the day with estimates for each activity
  • Put in order games, activities, food, crafts, cake & gift opening
  • Review and Refine in advance

Being organized in advance has saved us a lot of time and stress. Thinking of what we should do before the food, after the cake or in the 2nd hour can get frustrating. An itemized flexible time schedule helped us relax a bit. Planning a time schedule in half hour and 1 hour blocks helps to picture the time needed for each part within the birthday party. Combinations can save some time as well, like having the cake and opening presents from each guest followed by a picture with the guest and their gift with the birthday child. I think this is a great birthday party idea to be able to send a personlised picture in each of the birthday thank you notes.

But..."What do we do when they first arrive?"

Here is our Getting The Party Fun Started!

Plan, Prepare, Organize, Be Flexible & Have Some Fun

You Can Do It! We wish you a great party!

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