Birthday Party Supply Needs...
Make Your Party Run Itself!

Keep a theme based a collection of Birthday party supply items. Cleaning up after a Party can be a lot of work. A few simple steps in our pre-party preparations helped reduce a lot of our post party clean-up stress.

Use some of these Birthday party ideas for your partyware needs.

Keep Partyware To Your Theme Colors

  • Plates for food and cake
  • Cups & Napkins
  • Table cloths and table settings
  • Place seatings
  • Presentation containers
  • White or theme colored Platters
  • Cutlery --forks, knives & spoons

Personalize cups, place settings or add their pictures to their plates or cups. They'll keep their own & never get confused to use the wrong ones. A great way to keep a little bit of order and reduce those confrontations of who has taken whose cup and plate. It is a nice touch that looks great at the table settings.

Use paper cups, plates and plastic cutlery that is theme related. Use solid colors or theme pictures & characters. Choose which party supplies should be in solid theme related colors and where you want to have pictures and characters from your chosen theme. Theme pictures do not need to be on every party supply item but use your best judgement to bring out the theme with a combination of solid theme colors and characters. We really liked having a theme tablecloth with solid theme colors for the plates and cups.

Paper partyware: such an easy clean up!

Disposable party supplies are really great for keeping your stress levels down especially when it comes time to tidy up after the birthday party. Reusable supplies have also been a great planning help for us with 4 birthday parties across 2 months. Keep a birthday party supply list

Have an awesome party. You will do great!

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