Birthing Centers...
Hospital-Like Setting,
Home Birth Feel!

Birthing centers are a good labor and delivery option if you would like to have some of the benefits and advantages of a home birth and a "hospital-like" delivery.

Visit a few centers to "feel" the atmosphere and ask some questions

Birthing-Centers Benefits
  • Technical medical services available in non-medical atmosphere
  • Staffing is likely to be nurses & midwives
  • Nurses & Doctors less interventionist than those in hospitals
  • Supports natural childbirth & mother-child bonding
  • Hospital rules are minimized
  • Childbirth complications & emergencies handled in the center
  • No moving room to room during labor & delivery for Mom-to-be
Questions To Ask
  • Are all delivery emergencies handled in-house
  • What birthing interventions are followed
  • How does the center support natural childbirth
  • What pain relief is made available pre- and post-delivery
  • How is mother & child post birth bonding encouraged
  • What are the rules followed at the center
  • Is the delivery room & your recovery room the same
  • What do you need to bring in for your stay
  • How is the family supported by visitation, mum's 1st week, month
A birth center can give you a hospital "feel" with a relaxing and comfortable "private" home birth atmosphere. I really like this kind of delivery option as it balances well as an 'in-between' from the small scale very private home birth to the more 'common' large scale hospital birth.

Check through information evenings, visit 2-3 different centers close to your home, prepare your "Ready-Bag" 3-4 weeks before your due date and go with the birthing center that feels like the best fit for you and your family.

Prepare yourself ahead of time as best you can and relax. Congratulations to you and your family on your upcoming addition. Enjoy this precious little bundled blessing that will fill your every day with mesmerizing joys.

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