Practical Breastfeeding Tips
Bonding Basics That Work!

Here are the breastfeeding tips I would have wanted to know before I had to breastfeed my first baby. The most important step whenever you feed your baby regardless of the positions you choose, is getting a proper well sealed 'Latch On'.

With proper positioning of the breast and a clean latching on, you will be able to avoid many of the common breastfeeding problems and enjoy this bonding experience with your baby.

Ask your midwife for extra guidance, and practice it at every feeding.

Breastfeeding Basics
When The Milk Comes In
  • you may experience some degree of engorgement & discomfort
  • you may have some initial nipple soreness
  • feeding will drain your energy, eat well to keep energized
  • you will come to recognize your baby's pattern
Some Feeding Basics
  • your baby should be clean, dry, warm and awake
  • feed at both breasts at each feeding
  • begin next feeding on the side where you ended the last feeding
  • a diaper change between feeding sides can help wake your baby
  • feeding will drain your energy, eat well to keep energised
  • your baby's body should be up against yours, facing you
  • when properly latched on, it should not be painful
  • you will come to connect on a deeper level with your baby
The Breastfeeding Technique
  • grasp nipple behind areola
  • stroke baby's cheek, lower lip or side of mouth with your nipple
  • stroking causes baby's reflex to turn toward nipple and open mouth
  • press breast behind nipple slightly so nipple protrudes more
  • baby will turn toward nipple and open mouth
  • center your nipple and pull baby close to you
  • baby's nose should crush slightly against your breast
  • depress the breast area around the nose so your baby can breath
  • baby needs to be exactly equal to the level of your breast
  • lean back, elevate baby slightly for a good nipple & areola hold
  • If your baby is not latched on properly, remove nipple & try again
Take your time, use these breastfeeding tips and be patient as you learn, and you will get good at strengthening your bond with your baby while breastfeeding.

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