C Section Birth Option
Fast Operation Gets Baby Out!

My last 3 babies have been successfully delivered by c section.

It is a fast procedure, in less than 1 hour you are "cut open", your baby is delivered, you are stitched up again and you begin recovery lying down with your new baby in your arms. Within 5 minutes your baby is taken out of your uterus

This labor and delivery option is chosen if your baby is "breached", its head is too large to pass through the pelvis or any other reason that a normal delivery is too dangerous or not possible.

Your cesarean birth recovery will take longer than a normal vaginal birth

Advance Preparations
  • Watch cesarean birth film clips to learn about this delivery option
  • Talk with other women who have had a c-section
  • Visit the hospital to ask about the procedure
  • Talk with your doctor about any concerns you might have
The Operation
  • Anesthesia & intravenous given for the operation
  • Pubic hair is shaved for the lower sub-abdominal incision
  • Catheter is inserted up urethra to keep an empty bladder
  • Abdomen swabbed to help prevent infection
  • A small screen is placed in front of your face
  • Short horizontal "bikini line" incision made at base of your abdomen
  • Incision is the same for the lower part of your uterus
  • Amniotic fluid is drained and your baby is gently lifted out
  • Umbilical cord is cut and the placenta is removed
  • Uterus & abdomen 'stitched', taken to recovery room with baby
Epidural vs. General Anesthesia
  • It is safer for your baby
  • No post-operation nausea or vomiting
  • You remain conscious and can hold your baby as soon as born
  • Your partner can be in the delivery and sit beside you
  • Takes several hours to wear off & regain "feeling" in lower body
  • Like any major surgery, recovery time is needed
  • Recovery time is much longer by c-section than vaginal birth
  • Vaginal birth recovery within an hour & full recovery in 3-4 weeks
  • Cesarean recovery takes several hours, full recovery 6-8 weeks
  • Recovery increases the more you get up and move around
  • walking stimulates circulation and speeds up your full recovery
  • Allow recovery time from the delivery and bond with your baby
After my cesarean, c section birth, I can't actually have my newborn "on" me and my husband is really great since he will lie down with the newborn resting on his chest until I am stitched up, cleaned up and returned to my hospital bed ready for the 'first' latching on breastfeeding. It is so important to have your baby "latch-on" quickly to stimulate your body to breastfeeding. It has sometimes taken a couple of days--no worries, keep with it, your milk should come in nicely for your new baby. Find a position you are comfortable with whether you sit up straight, lie on your side resting on one or your elbows or lie down for side feeding, always use pillows to keep your baby level with your breasts. Right after the 'c section' I have only been able to lie down fairly flat until I have had some rest.

Allow yourself the recovery time and enjoy bonding with your newborn.

Congratulations to you and your family on your coming new addition.

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