Christmas Decorating Ideas
Made Easy !

Christmas decorating ideas helps prepare us for celebrating Christmas and the birth of Christ and His ultimate gift to each of us. Beautiful decorations helps prepare us emotionally and spiritually to be kind and giving.

With each addition to our family, these decorating tips have helped us get our house decorated for Christmas spending family fun time together.

Remember: plastic bulbs within child's reach, glass bulbs out of reach.

Have loads of family fun with Christmas decorating.

Pick A Theme
  • Pick a color theme for throughout the house for this Christmas
  • Make your choice, red & gold, silver & blue, multicolor
  • Start early: December goes too fast, get it done end of November
House Decorations
  • Choose lights, garlands and artifacts
  • 'Bulb it up' around the house
  • Add festive table settings with centerpieces and scented candles
  • Hang ornaments, bought & handmade, throughout the house
  • Set shelves & cabinets with sleighs, snowmen, angels and villages
  • Include cookies & goodies plates
Tree Choice
  • Real needles versus plastic 'fake'
  • Fake trees are easy to assemble and reusable every year, no mess
  • Real live trees smell great and last a few weeks
  • Get them 1 week in advance and keep them in a watered base
  • Dry or not, use a large tree 'skirt' & catch all the needles dropping
  • Add stability, tie fishing line to a ceiling hook and the tree top
  • Check your clearance to add your tree topper, angel or star
  • 6 to 8 footers will work in room heights of 8 to 10 feet
Christmas Tree Decorations
  • Lights, bulbs, tinsel, garlands and craft ornaments
  • Work together, spread out the lights and get them untangled
  • Wrap them around the tree starting from the top to the bottom
  • Take pieces of white angel hair & set in front of individual lights
  • Add 2 sets of 100 lights for a 6-7 footer
  • Choose one colored set & one white set of lights
  • Wrap theme colored tinsel, snowflake or popcorn garlands
  • Add large mid and small sized bulbs bottom to top in your colors
  • Kids love putting on small bulbs and ornaments--keep them plastic!
  • Add kids crafts & decorations to make your tree part of the family

Have fun with these Christmas decorating ideas.

Make your Christmas decorations & Christmas tree decorations together--your kids will love it!

Decorating the house and our Christmas tree has really turned into a family tradition that we all look forward to each and every year.

Safety! Safety! Safety!
Candles on trees look nice, but a dry tree will burst into flames fast!
Enjoy some of these Christmas decorating ideas and...Happy Decorating!

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