Christmas Eve Traditions
Memories Your Family Will
Love & Cherish

Christmas eve traditions are easy to get started

Plan out what you would like to be doing with your family on Christmas eve a few years down the road. By the 2nd year that you end up repeating activities you do with your family, you will have created an 'annual' event and your family will come to expect it and you will have built a brand new family tradition. Building more family traditions is easy if you know what you would like to do together as a family in three, five or ten years down the road. Just start them this year a repeat them each year and expectations an annual activities will be built--in fact are kids have actually told us our traditions with little comments & references like "Mom & Dad aren't we going to..just like last year?". It is precious to see.

We love to invite some friends over for a big Christmas eve dinner followed by games we all play together with some quality fellowship time together.

It really is a lot of fun, and our families are worth it.

  • Invite another family or some friends to celebrate together
  • Plan a good month in advance, give them time to plan
Team Game Time
  • Play party games and divide into teams
  • Mix family & friends into teams, boys against girls works great
  • wrestling might be a bit much, calm down with some coloring
  • Charroodles, doodler, charades & ligretto are fun to play together
Fellowship Time
  • Follow game time with conversation & fellowship
  • Great time to connect and get to know your guests better
  • Don't forget to take lots of pictures together
  • Send a thank you card with pictures of your celebration together
  • Digital pics are great to take lots of pictures and quick quality checks

Celebrating Christmas eve has become a family tradition to share our home, dinner and games with another family for a fun night before Christmas.

We love our Christmas eve dinner with that awesome sweet potato dish. Enjoy the Christmas eve traditions that you have and all those family traditions that you will be building together.

Have a great celebration building new family Christmas traditions.

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