Opening Christmas Presents
Chaotic Fun Every Year!

Opening Christmas presents can feel like Christmas chaos in our house

It is so easy to forget the point and purpose of giving presents, getting sucked into the commercialism of 'more, more...' and 'Is that it?'.

Regardless of where or when you celebrate opening presents we like to watch each family member as they open present after present. we love experiencing the joy and sheer excitement of our kids opening presents.

Bring some relief, go slow & enjoy.

Stress relief for when where why & how we do gifts at Christmas.

Why Presents?
Why Do We Give Presents?
  • To show our love and appreciation to family and friends
  • To celebrate the birth of Jesus, God's gift of his son to all mankind
  • Share & give to others as Jesus gave His free gift of eternal life
When & Where?
When & Where To Open Presents
  • Presents can be opened on Christmas Eve & Christmas Day
  • Celebrate Dec 6 St.Nicholas Tag, gift fill your European 'boot'
  • Try Jan 6 Epiphany, give gifts as the 3 kings gave to baby Jesus
  • Choose to celebrate one day with each side of the family
  • Alternate each year between you & your spouse's family
Present Opening Enjoyment
How Do We Enjoy Every gift Given?
  • One of our kids is designated 'Handout Helper'
  • Presents are handed to family members in turn
  • 1 present at a time for all to enjoy & give their undivided attention
  • Enjoy each gift opening and take pictures of each
  • Have a 'Christmas Goodies Break', cookies & cake after a round
Rush, Rush, Relax?
No Need To Power Through
  • We don't Have to power through presents in one sitting
  • We keep our kids sleep patterns as best we can even at holidays
  • Make each gift an event and enjoy it with the recipient
  • Continue the next day after a family breakfast
  • Take your time and enjoy each other

Make it a tradition.

Even at Birthdays we like to Celebrate a 'go slow & enjoy' each present, being thankful for each gift that is received. We like to take pictures together with the giver for our own keepsakes and to add them into a special thank you note.

Share the excitement, Relax & Enjoy opening Christmas presents together at your next celebration.

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