Common Cold Cured!
Here's What Works!

The common cold can be cured with these simple, practical and easy to do cold treatments. Colds are annoying, irritating and interruptions to our day to day schedules & activities. Our whole family gets enough of them. Great causes we have found are when we are tired, run down, and experiencing sudden temperature changes from stores and vehicles.

We prefer not to jump to pharmaceutical solutions, so we have worked hard to figure out what really works well with each of our kids.

Here's our tips to cold symptoms & remedies to treat colds in your family:

Common Cold Symptoms
  • throat soreness, swelling, tickling or scratchiness
  • runny nose, extra sneezing, coughing with soreness
  • stuffed or blocked nasal passages
  • aching muscles, fever
What To Do
  • Comfort your child & Keep them calm and relaxed
  • breathing cool cold air helps clear stuffed up nose
  • deep breathing of steam shower warm wet air loosens mucous
  • warm teas & soups soothes throat and opens up nasal passages
  • vicks vapo rub for children or an eucalyptus drops on clothing
  • lots of fluids, helps thin secretions, easier to expel mucus
  • be creative with fluid intake:fun cups,curly straws,tummy river raid
  • take a pharmacy 'Hot-Tottie' drink with hot water
  • hot lemon: 1cup hot water, squeeze 1 lemon + 1tsp hard honey)
  • avoid dairy products as they thicken & increase mucous
  • use diluted fruit juices, sugarless lemonade(sweeten with honey)
  • add applesauce, broth, chicken/vegetable soup & herbal teas
  • sage tea helps break up congestion
  • ginger tea with some honey helps to reduce the intensity of a cold
  • get extra rest and use camomile tea to help you relax
  • elevate pillows & top of mattress at nap time & nighttime sleep
  • infant: breast milk in nose helps clear mucous
Quick Prevention Steps
  • wash hands and practice good hygiene throughout the day
  • keep well hydrated with fluids
  • soups regularly for cold & flu seasons, and in after bad weather
  • add dried astragalus herb to chicken and vegetable broth soups (remove astragalus if a fever accompanies the cold)
  • increase vitamin C intake without using juice drinks high in sugar Great sources include:strawberries, citrus fruits, kiwi, papaya, cranberries, black currents, peppers, tomatoes, broccoli, spinach, potatoes, brussels sprouts, watercress, cauliflower, grapefruit
  • limit refined flour & fatty high protein fast foods; colds like acidity
  • limit high refined sugar drinks;colds flourish in ph acidity
  • keep well rested, relaxed, plenty of sleep and exercise
When in doubt: Fluids, Fluids, Fluids, Fluids and more Fluids.

Relax, watch for the symptoms and take precautions to control body ph acidity levels with healthy eating choices.

Put these steps into practice, and relief, comfort and dealing practically with the common cold will bless you and your family members.

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