Quick & Easy Cookie Icing
Colorful & Naturally Flavoured
Sweet Icing Recipe!

A quick and easy cookie icing that uses powdered sugar and natural fruit juices to make a range of icing colors. Sweet gluten free icing for cookies, cakes and muffins. Our kids really do enjoy making some of the different colored icing and of course they love to do the 'icing' of our cookie batches. It is always a huge hit when each child, which for now would be our five eldest, are each using a pastry brush and adding the different icing colors to make a piece of artwork decorating a cookie. And this is before any sprinkles are brought out to help decorate.

This is a a great quick icing or 'zuckerglasur' as Oma always referred to it when adding it to lemon cakes and 'sandkuchen' for our Sunday afternoon 'cafe und kuchen' cake & cookies tea time. Use lemon, raspberry, strawberry, blackberry juices to add your favorite flavors.

Preparation Step: Ingredients List
- 1 cup powdered sugar sifted
- 1 Tbsp red currants jelly
- 2-3 Tbsp orange juice
Making The 'Icing'
  • Sift 1 cup powdered sugar into a small mixing bowl
  • Add Tbsp of red currant jelly and stir until blended throughout
  • Stir in orange juice(1 Tbsp at a time) to desired consistency
  • Apply to treats and allow time to harden
- Add sprinkles decorations on iced cookies, cake or treats
- Use jams, their juices and fruit juices for flavored icing colors
- Squeeze 2-3 lemons with powdered sugar for tasty lemon icing
- Apply food coloring for alternative colors
- Add a bit of melted butter for extra texture
Chocolate icing--1-2 Tbsp cacao with lemon juice & water

Total time to make this icing is around 5-10 minutes. Get everyone gathered around the kitchen counter or dining table for your cookie, cake or muffin decorating area and just have some fun with using this cookie icing with the colors, getting sweet and sticky fingers and being together.


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