1...2...3...Croup Success!

Croup is one of the scariest child illness we have had to deal with.

Its 'barking coughing' attacks startle us awake in the middle of the night.

Each of our first 5 children have had this infection and handling 'whooping cough' quickly and effectively is becoming second nature from the onset of the first symptoms of this 'barking cough'.

Causes & Symptoms
  • swelling of breathing pipe--upper respiratory tract
  • common in children from 3mths(pseudo-croup) to 3yrs
  • can follow upper respiratory/sinus infections, cold or sore throat
  • low pitched wheezing breaths in, barking cough
  • increase in mucous production
  • typical middle of night coughing attacks can last a couple hours
What You Can Do
  • Continuously reassure your child & Keep them calm and relaxed
  • use cool mist humidifier--cool air often helps relieve Croup
  • cool night--bundle up and breath deeply the fresh cool outside air
  • slow deep breathing of warm wet air from steam shower can help **your child breathes the steam mist in only(not showering)
  • use a cool mist humidifier--air out home well to avoid mold onset
  • use a Pare E boy apparatus for saline mist breathing
  • deep breathing--deep breaths in the nose & slowly out the mouth
  • warm teas & soups soothes the throat, and eases coughing
  • lots of fluids, helps thin secretions, easier to cough up mucus
  • be creative with fluid intake:fun cups,curly straws,tummy river raid
  • avoid dairy products as they thicken & increase mucous
  • keep a liquid diet if severe coughing attacks cause vomiting
  • massage your child's back(each side of spine) to loosen mucous
  • sitting up, even in bed will help your child's breathing
  • hard to breath--go to your doctor or straight to emergency
  • doctor or hospital will administer oxygen and inhalation treatment
Quick Prevention Steps
  • keep healthy children away--croup is a highly viral infection
  • soothe irritated airways,use cool mist humidifier
  • with any cold increase fluid intake right away
  • increase vitamin C intake without using juice drinks high in sugar
  • limit refined sugar drinks--colds enjoy acidity levels in the body
  • wash hands & practice good hygiene throughout the day
Know your child, watch your child, and go with your instincts.No Panic! Your anxiety will feed your child's anxiety causing breathing to be more difficult. Your 'coolness' will help your child be more at ease. Cool air opens up the breathing by reducing the swelling. Our first child had this condition and it caused her to stop breathing in my arms, an extreme case of swelling & inflammations of the windpipe. Take these proactive steps we have shared with you and you will have success with treatment when the 'barking coughs' begin.

Make a doctor appointment whenever your child is 'not themselves'.

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