Diaper Changing Basics Simplified

There are a few basics to diaper changing that we were taught with our first child. Cleaning a baby girl or boy has some differences to be aware of and taking every changing as a happy bonding opportunity has helped us especially with changing 2 or 3 diapered babies. It would sometimes feel like all we were doing was changing diapers constantly.

Here are our simplified basics that have helped us many days to keep diaper changing as enjoyable as possible.

Happy Changing Basics
  • Be ready to start: changing mat, wipes, cream and diapers
  • Provide amusing distractions for your baby's attention
  • As their motor skills improve have toys to grab and hold on to
  • Have a bright musical mobile low enough for them to play with
  • Keep your face close when talking & singing to baby
  • Use high pitched sounds--they respond best to these frequencies
  • Kiss & tickle their tummies, sides and neck
  • Use a clean dry diaper for each changing--no disposable reuse
  • Diaper should be snug fitting but not tight
  • Check diaper fit on legs, if folded underneath absorption seal will not work well and you will have extra leaking
  • Prevent discomfort and rashes with changing often
  • Change before night sleep, at wake-up & after every feeding
  • Air out their bottom while changing to reduce soreness
  • Going from a warm diaper to a cool breeze when changing diapers will result in instant pee(unless their bladder is empty)--we are often reminded of this one when changing one on our boys
Clean Baby Girl
  • Using a baby wipe, wipe gently from the front to the back to prevent the spread of bacteria(from vagina back to the anus)
  • Dragging, rubbing, or pulling the wipe along the skin will add redness, soreness and could start a rash
  • Readily use rash cream on any reddish baby bum soreness
Clean Baby Boy
  • Using a baby wipe, wipe gently from front to back or back to front
  • Dragging, rubbing, or pulling the wipe along the skin will add redness, soreness and could start a rash
  • Avoid dragging the wipe against the skin of the penis or pulling the foreskin back(it is painful and very irritating for your baby boy)
  • Wipe gently all around the penis and scrotum
  • Use rash cream on any reddish baby bum soreness

Changing your baby is a task that has to be done, but turning it into a time to bond and talk with your baby will make it much more enjoyable. Wipes, diapers and rash cream that works well for you and your baby are essential. We have found that for our children pampers has worked really well to absorb(no leaking) and prevent rashes while other brands seemed not to work so well in the first year.

Newborns will actually need a diaper changing every few hours for the first few weeks. Get in the habit of having one final check before you 'want' to leave...Happy Changing.

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