Family New Years Eve Celebration
Memories That Build
Family Traditions

We love spending time together for family new years eve celebrations just like we did growing up. Those fun times together celebrating the year, is what built our family traditions. Every year we repeat a New years eve activity our kids remind us these are our new years eve family traditions.

We enjoy buying a new costume for each family member for our new years eve celebration. Lots of great food dishes, family games, reflecting on the year and appreciating each family member in turn. And...Setting off and watching fireworks with alcohol free 'bubbly' to usher in a brand new year.

Here is how our New Years Eve celebrations have turned into fun New years Eve traditions that our whole family enjoys looking forward to.

New Years Eve Costumes
  • Tradition: we buy a new costume for each family member
  • We celebrate New Years & use costumes for Carnival in March
Dinner Time Together
  • Have a special meal for New Years Eve Dinner
  • Make table settings festive to bring in the NEw Year
Pass The Torch
  • After dinner we light a candle to 'Pass The Torch'
  • Each family member has a turn holding the candle (torch)
  • Share 1 thing you like & appreciate about each family member
  • Pass the torch to the next family member
Resolutions Review
  • Open, check off & date your goal successes of this past year
  • Circle each goal yet to achieve & still important to you
  • Family members share their resolutions from this past year
  • Write in New goals & resolutions for the New Year
Home Party
  • Snack platters are made together
  • Platters of fruit, veggie, chips, cookies, cake, peanuts & raisins
  • Have balloons, streamers, poppers and play family games together
  • Ligretto, Charoodles, Pictionary, Sorry or Flash Light Tag
  • Light super sparkles with each family member
  • Toast with your kids the New Year with juice and ginger ale
Capture The Memories
  • Take lots of pictures of everyone in their costumes
  • We take individual, parent with child & Family New Years photos

    Have fun celebrating your family new years eve.

    Enjoy the party, celebrating and ushering in the New Year with your family.

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