Hospital Birth
Be Aware & Be The Boss!

We have had a hospital birth for all 6 of our children.

I have been admitted to the hospital while in labor and for one child after my water broke at home. At the hospital you will be attended by different midwives and doctors, receive pain relieving drugs for your labor contractions and your discomfort(it is possible to have a drug-free birth--I was amazed how keeping focused and having a great 'coach' beside me helping me with proper 'breathing' got me through the hard labor pains). You will be admitted to your room and put into a hospital bed.

Hospital Admission
  • Health info, room and bed will be assigned
  • Nurses ask about progress--water broke? contractions frequency?
  • External exam: temp., pulse, blood pressure, baby's heart rate
  • Internal examination: check for cervical dilation, baby's head
  • Fetal monitor checks progress if membranes rupture(water broke)
Giving Birth
  • Pain relief medication may be given for contractions & delivery
  • Episiotomy(surgically cut vagina opening) made as head crowns
  • Surgical cut helps protect vaginal tissues from birth injuries
  • May receive medication to help deliver the placenta
  • You will be sutured by the maternity ward doctor on call
  • Post-delivery you are encouraged to start breastfeeding your baby
  • Nurse/midwife helps with breastfeeding techniques & "latching on"
  • Widely available, traditional and well staffed with qualified doctors
  • Common choice for new mothers, breached babies, twins/multiples
  • Skilled medical assistance & pain medication if complications arise
  • Equipped for high risk patients & any labor/delivery complications
  • Regularly perform sonograms and fetal monitoring as needed
  • Full staff anesthesiology, blood transfusions, c-section operations
  • First aid resuscitation and infant ICU for ill or premature newborns
  • Technical medical help makes mothers feel confident & comfortable
  • Confidence your baby can be given additional treatment if needed
  • Hospital care gives physical help, support & rest to mother & child
  • Extra hours or days in the hospital gives rest & baby bonding time
  • Visiting hours are limited to give rest to mothers and their newborn
  • Added social experience with other mothers in maternity ward
  • Can feel overpowered by hospital's 'business as usual' atmosphere
  • Expected to fit in with the rules and routines of the hospital
  • Routine fetal monitoring, drugs, induced labor, episiotomy, forceps
  • least control of the environment and labor and delivery procedures
  • Regular medical coverage offers little choice for room privacy
  • semi-laying down "stirrup bed" throughout labor and delivery
  • Hospital rules can minimize early contact with your newborn baby
  • Visiting hours are often limited for post delivery family support
A hospital birth does not mean that you have to do something you are not happy with--it is still you and your baby, not theirs. Look into a few hospitals to choose from and attend the information evenings to get a feel for where you would like to give birth. It is still up to you and your partner.

I wish you a successful hospital birth and many blessings to you and your family on your upcoming addition.

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