Kids Birthday Party Invitations
All You Need For Your Next Kids Birthday!

Sending out your kids birthday party invitations can be a great experience for both you and your child. Whether you decide creating birthday invitations for your next birthday party or going out to buy your birthday party invitations, make it a fun and exciting bonding experience.

There are 3 Planning steps you must follow for any birthday invitations.

Planning Step #1: Guests!
  • Decide on a limit how many guests you want to invite
  • How many friends and family will be asked to attend
  • Choose your child's age or double it for your party's guest limit
Planning Step #2: Set The Stage!
  • Excite & interest your guests with party themed invitations
  • Add a challenge on the invite to captivate your guests
  • Expect a memorable party already on the birthday invitation
Planning Step #3: Required Invite Info!
  • What is the party occasion & write in your birthday child's name
  • Add the date & times for the birthday celebration
  • Where?--party location, address, map & easy to follow directions
  • Instruct "RSVP" with a response date
  • Clear contact info--contact name, home & mobile phone #, e-mail
  • Include a checklist for anything guests need to bring with them
  • Special instructions:
    - dress up as favorite space character
    - bring warm clothes for outdoor play
    - indoor slippers for indoor activities etc.
  • Have the 'Challenge' or 'Dare' in large clear visible print

We have made our invitations on our computer using a simple 'printmaster' program, but any photoshop card making software program is easy to use and will allow you to add some of your creativity to making your birthday invitations. Keep them to the theme and straight to the point about the times, locations and planned activities as a hook for interest and building anticipation and excitement to your birthday party event.

Planning and creating your kids birthday party invitations together will get both of you excited and expecting a memorable birthday celebration.

Have fun together and have a great kids birthday party!

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