Making A Kids Breakfast Cereal
Step-By-Step Talk-Through!

Breakfast cereal is a quick kids breakfast you can start with to work together with your toddler.

Here is a glimpse into talking through the step by step process in making breakfast with your toddler.

Sample Talk-Through Structure
Making Breakfast Cereal

"Johnny, what do you think about making a bowl of cereal?"
--Okay, well let's get what we need.
"First let's get out a bowl and a spoon, and we will need some milk."
--Do you want milk in it or some yogurt?
"Okay, you want some yogurt in it today."
--Well let's get the yogurt out of the fridge.
"Great, do we have everything?"
--Oh, we almost forgot to get out our cereal.
"Let's get some cornflakes out and some sugar crisp."
--Now that's a nice combination isn't it?
"I'll stand behind to pour the cornflakes into the cereal bowl with you."
"well, we better be careful it doesn't all fall out right?
--There, that is good, well done.
"Well, what else do we need?"
--Oh, yes you're right we almost forgot to add some sugar crisp.
"You hold onto my hand, there now we can pour in some sugar crisp."
--Well so far this is looking good.
"What else do we need?"
--Right you are, we need to add our yogurt.
"What yogurt flavor do you want today? Vanilla?"
--Great, let's use our spoon & scoop some yogurt into the cereal bowl.
"DO you want to try a scoop too? Okay."
--Now it looks like we are almost finished?
"What else do we need to do here Johnny?"
--Oh right again, we need to mix it together, don't we?
"Can you help me again holding the spoon and mixing it together?"
"Hey, look at that Johnny, we did it!"
--Great job, High five.
"Let's have a quick taste. Mmmm that is good."
--We really did a great job.
"what else do we need to do?"
--Oh right, you are a smart boy.
"we need to put the yogurt away, back into the fridge."
--Can you help me open up the fridge?
"Great! Anything else?"
--Right again, we need to put the cereals away.
"Johnny, where do they go?"
--Oh yes, in the pantry cupboard. That's where we got them out right?
"Can you hand me the cereal box?"
--Great, and I can put that one away.
"The other box too?"
--Sure, why don't you come down from the stepper and put the box away.
"Hey, that is great we have put everything away."
--Let's double check our counter space.
"Oh no, Johnny take a look at the counter, we spilled some of the yogurt."
--No worries, we can clean it together.
"Here is a paper towel for you, and I will get one too."
--Here you go, wipe it clean.
"Great job, we make a good team."
--High five. Awesome!
"Well what is left to do."
--We prepared cereal, put everything away and tidied up our work area.
"Oh my, you are right, now we get to eat it all up. Mmmmmmmmm."
--Thanks for your help.
"Let's enjoy it together, you get the first scoop..."

Working together and allowing our toddlers to help make cereal is a great kids breakfast that allows them to feel involved and important. And as our 'helper' likes to say "Daddy, me a big boy!"

With practice you'll get really good at building verbal & non-verbal dialogue with your toddler when making a kids breakfast cereal or any meal together. This is a great talking strategy into you can use in other areas you want to work on with your child.

As they begin to expand their own vocabulary they will start answering your questions more and more. Keep your excitement with them and they will respond well. If your child doesn't get what they want and starts a tantrum, remove them, switch into discipline mode and take away the privilege of making a meal or using a breakfast cereal to make a kids breakfast together as outlined above. Try again the next time and stress how they need to behave working together with you. It is a great experience for both of you, so relax and enjoy the time you have working together.

Have Fun with a kids breakfast or any meal you make with your child.

Enjoy this special time together.

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