Birthday Kids Drinks
Great Party Food Helpers!

Making variations to Birthday party kids drinks by adding different flavors & colors to the drinks for kids will add excitement like you wouldn't believe.

Why is it that at every birthday party kids have an unquenchable thirst. I like to have a variety of drinks on hand which always seems to help us when putting on a birthday party

Try some of these ideas:

'Spicing-Up' Birthday Drinks
  • Individual juice cartons(2 per child) reduce spill chances
  • Cool refreshing water from a fun water cooler or water dispenser
  • Homemade lemonade--add some food coloring
  • Fruit, Yogurt, Ice cream Smoothies for kids
  • Combine Gingerale with juice
  • Add colored ice cubes made out of juice
  • Use party themed ice cube shape varieties

Add a personalized theme colored sport bottle for each party guest for their party drinks that they can take home as part of their Birthday favor. This would be great as a bonus surprise included in a themed shoulder bag as a 'loot bag'.

Use paper cups and a designated area. We will admit that we have learned the hard way on this one with kids roaming through the party areas with drinks which always get bumped or tipped over somewhere. It is really important to keep that designated area for your drinks and keep it as spacious as you can. Paper cups are really great though for the after party clean-up. We always encourage and guide the party guests to bring their cups when they are done to the sink counter in the kitchen and have them collected and staked together--then we aren't hunting for them when the party is over. Try something new with special kids drinks at your next kids birthday party. Add some food coloring to a ginger ale fruit combo or some fluorescent food coloring to a variety of themed & shaped ice cubes.

Keep them simple and easy--no added stress. You have plenty to do.

Have a great party.

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