Painful Breast Infection
Mastitis: Symptoms,
Prevention & Treatment!

An infection of breast tissue is referred to as mastitis. This is a condition that requires immediate medical consultation. See your doctor immediately if you suspect it. Take care of skin cuts around the nipples, vary your feeding positions and try to ensure that your breasts are always emptied as preventative measures to infections of your breasts.

Take note of the signs and symptoms of a breast infection and respond to them quickly.

Causes, Signs & Symptoms
  • blocked milk duct: your breast(s) become red, patchy & very sore
  • the surrounding tissue may become infected by bacteria that have entered the milk duct from an open cut or from your baby's mouth
  • any restriction to milk flow could cause this condition--get loose fitting bras instead of a tight one
  • use a variety of feeding positions to help fully empty each breast
  • breast infection: swelling, tenderness & affected area reddening
  • keep breastfeeding & emptying it to relieve pressure
  • the infection affects the tissue & not the milk, if your baby will not feed, express the milk by hand or empty with a breast pump
  • call your doctor if you experience flu-like symptoms, high fever, chills, aches, headaches or nausea & vomiting
  • a hot firm lump in your breast may be an abscess(needs removal)
  • if treated promptly, the early stages may respond well to antibiotics and you will feel better within a day or two
I have taken close care regarding breast engorgement and always work it out as best as I can because of how quickly engorgement can lead to more serious breast feeding problems problems, even breast infection. I have had a few close calls and it can get concerning. Read carefully causes symptoms and what you can proactively do as preventative steps and treatment. If you suspect mastitis has developed, do not mess around, keep breastfeeding, empty your breasts as best you can and go see your doctor right away.

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