Tasty Meringue Icing Recipe!

Straight from Oma's bakery, this is a meringue icing that is made from a small portion of meringue used in a cookie or cake recipe. It is easy and quick to whip up on the side and another great gluten free icing option.

Not very sweet and a great combination with natural fruit juices for color and an excellent compliment on sweet almond cookies. I must admit that when you add this onto the 'zimtstern' or 'zitronen Hertz' almond/lemon cookies, it makes the cookies stand out a bit more and they seem to look a little classier if cookies can even have a classy look.

Preparation Step: Ingredients List
- 1 medium egg white
- 1/4 pinch of salt(a few granules)
- 1/2 tsp baking powder
- 1/4 Tbsp cream of tartar(1/4 packet sahnefest/sahnestief)
- drop of lemon essence(aroma)
- 1/2-2/3 cup powdered sugar
- 1 Tbsp red currants jelly
Making The 'Meringue'
  • Combine egg white, salt, baking powder and cream of tartar
  • Mix to a froth with a hand mixer or use a stand mixer
  • As froth thickens add powdered sugar(mix well 1 spoon at a time)
  • Add a drop of lemon essence
  • Mix until meringue is shiny white and fairly thick
  • Cover and set aside to use as cookie icing
- Add different jam jelly juice(1/2 tsp) to add color
- Add a drop of almond essence for a different aroma
- Add sprinkles decorations for different presentation effects

Total time to make this icing is 10-15 minutes, but I usually make it as part of a meringue based cookie dough so it really does not take any additional time. On it's own it is a quick icing recipe that gives our family a nice meringue icing as an alternative to the more traditional powder sugar based icings. Add it to your cookies of choice and, Enjoy!

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