Practical Morning Sickness Cures
Coping Strategies That Work!

Getting workable morning sickness cures can help all of us moms with our different levels of pregnancy nausea and sickness. Each of my six pregnancies has given me different degrees of morning nausea that I have had to deal with. Some days are good and some are not so nice.

The hormonal changes in Progesterone keeps our uterus muscles relaxed so our baby doesn't deliver earlier but also increases acid levels in our body by relaxing our stomach and intestines. Strong food odors and low blood sugar can trigger our morning battles with nausea and 'pregnancy' sickness. I would always keep myself focused on "keeping full" and drinking lots of water.

Here are my coping strategies for my morning bouts of nausea & sickness:

Coping With Morning Sickness
  • eat snacks frequently and take them with you when you go out
  • have a ginger based drink(hot water & a slice of fresh ginger)
  • eat foods with little odor like dried crackers
  • keep your stomach full & drink plenty of fluids, water & light juices
  • eat non-fatty snacks: crackers, bagels, pasta, rice cakes & cereal
  • do relaxation exercises and deep breathing
  • if you can--stay in bed until you feel well, get out of bed slowly
  • eat between meals, stop smoking and keep good posture
  • eat breads and grains to absorb digestive stomach acids
  • have bedside crackers for an early morning & before bed snack
Try a few of these morning sickness cures to see what works best for you and your body. I found that eating as often and regularly as I can helped me counter the effects of increased acid levels and low blood sugar in my body during the 1st trimester of each of my pregnancies. It really helped me keep functional especially having 3 little ones at home on my own during the work day.

If you are concerned about your morning sickness, talk with your doctor about it. Let them know what you have tried and follow through with their recommendations.

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