Natural Birth Option
Using Your Body's Painkillers

A natural birth is a great option to really feel in control of your labor.

Natural-Birth Benefits
  • Use of drugs for pain relief is avoided
  • Active labor positions and encouraged
  • Natural or complimentary types of pain relief are used
  • Distraction stimuli like massage release natural pain killers
  • Natural pain killers help against labor & delivery pain & stress
  • Promotes the release of your body's own endorphins for pain relief
  • You feel more in control of your labor

With a couple of my hospital births, I was encouraged when the midwives promoted this type of birth and used products designed to help me relax and release natural endorphins instead of pumping in medical pain killers. This was particularly important with my 3rd pregnancy which turned out to be our 2nd son. He was a big baby and the labor and delivery were becoming very stressful for both me and the unborn baby. The chief-doctor and the midwives did a lot of checking, taking blood samples from both of us and it felt like they were constantly trying to empty my bladder--"it's empty already!". The midwife used a few different natural products that were placed under my tongue for my own relaxation and to reduce the stress levels the baby was experiencing. The birth was successful in the end despite a few other complications with my cervix and the tangling umbilical cord. This became my last natural birth--from here on I would only be permitted cesarean or c-section births.

Check with the delivery option you would like to choose whether they promote a more natural approach in whole or in part to the birth process.

This birth option can give you some added relaxation and some relief during the painful contractions and delivery but also empower you even though having a baby is quite painful.

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