Newborn Care, Tips & Basics
To Help You Feel More At Ease

Practical advice, tips and the basics for your newborn care from the hospital to bringing baby home for the first 6 weeks.

Bringing Baby Home
Your baby has simple needs but they can be time consuming. Striving to keep our new baby warm, comfortable and satisfied will help them to feel content. Bond with your baby as you cuddle, play games and talk to your baby as you do different things during their wake times.

  • Feeding Baby - bottle or breast, strengthen your bond. When breastfeeding ensure a firm "latch on".

  • Sponge Bath - sponge bath your baby daily to reduce risk of infection and clean baby without a full bath.

  • Full Bath - once the umbilical cord falls off, a full bath is a great bonding experience(hold your baby secure).

  • Umbilical Cord - cord dries up & drops off naturally(5-7 days), keep it dry but if it is red, swollen or smelly go to your doctor.

  • Sleeping - a newborn baby should be sleeping every couple of hours for a couple of hours always on their side. No direct pressure to their stomach and no choking on their own 'spit up'.

  • Bowel Movements - food can take up to 48 hrs to pass through, starting as dark greenish black and becoming solid and yellow.

  • Diaper Changing - gather necessary items before beginning and never leave your baby unattended, Talk and cuddle with your baby throughout the diaper and clothe changing.

  • Boy Diaper Change - wipe gently, around the penis and scrotum, either direction up to you.

  • Girl diaper Change - wipe gently, from front to back avoids spread of bacteria from the anus to the vagina.

  • Bonding - keep baby close, lots of gentle physical touch, lots of smiling, walking, talking, rocking and caressing together.
Rest assured and at ease with these baby care tips to relax, have some fun and enjoy you and your baby's time together.

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