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Regardless of your potty training approach, it does not have to be a stressful time for both you and your toddler. The approach is up to you, either you can train the habit taking your child to the potty every 2 hours or wait until they are ready. No rush for us, We like to wait until we are both ready. With 6 kids, we just don't want to be cleaning up "poopy" messes all over the place. Pushing our eldest out of diapers or suggesting she leaves them behind, made her want to stay in them longer.

So... we wait.

Here are some potty training tips we use and are sure they will help you and your toddler smoothly transition from diapers to full time underwear.

Readiness Signs
  • a regular dry diaper at changing times & after nap time
  • does not like walking around with a wet or dirty diaper
  • you are told "Mommy, I don't want to wear a diaper"
  • likes & plays with underwear at home
  • becomes characters like the 'superhero underwear heads'
  • pulls pants down, pretends to go potty & pulls pants up again
  • wants to go potty when friends & family go to the toilet
  • tries to go to the potty more regularly
Repeating the idea that when you have the feeling that you have to go, you just stop whatever you are doing and go. Reciting a phrase like "That was great. You stopped what you were doing and came to the bathroom. Good boy" is great encouragement for your child to build up the habit of going to the bathroom when they get the feeling they have to go.
Potty Training Basics
  • Keep relaxed, make it fun & never force it
  • ownership: choose together a fun, colorful & comfortable potty
  • allow your child to pretend going to the potty
  • have them teach their doll or a stuffed animal to go potty
  • read story books about going to the potty--with sound effects
  • make up your own song or rhyme
  • have a puppet for potty time
  • buy 'cool-o' character underwear with your child
  • make a big deal of running to the potty together
  • go before eating, sleeping and no drinking after dinner time
  • use reward stickers with a potty chart
  • give a 'gummy' for going to the potty
  • give smiles, hugs, high fives & applause to attempts & successes
  • shower excitement, encouraging words & lavishly praise them
Always encourage and make a big deal out of your child attempting to go to the potty, and make 'no big deal' when accidents do happen. Grab some clean underwear and pants(even at 2am) and tell them, "No Worries", "it is a good idea to go when you have the urge" and then tuck them back in to sleep with a hug and a kiss.

Be patient, don't rush it and it will happen quickly for you and your child.

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