Stress-Free Shopping With Kids
Easier Than You Think!

Shopping with kids can be lots of fun and incredibly exciting for both you and your kids. Before going into a store be clear with your child on the purpose and on your expectations.

A little time investment goes a long way in training your child how they should behave and work with you when you are out shopping.

Using clarity, active participation, time to detach and good behavior rewards will help make shopping with your children more enjoyable.

Give Clarity
  • Give clear expectations to your toddler before you go out
  • Kids understand "We will not be buying 'toys' or 'cookies' today"
  • State clearly the purpose for being in each store
  • Be clear on the consequences to inappropriate behavior
  • Be firm, fair and flexible
Active Participation
  • Your child can have their own cart or use yours
  • They can help find items on your list and put them into the cart
  • They can help organize & place items at the cash
  • Compare prices & sizes and learn about money value
  • Involve your child in as many aspects of shopping as possible
  • Be excited about a great find your child makes
  • Actively involved children are content
Time to Detach
  • Allow kids to cart collect and play with toys at the toy store
  • Give them time to say Goodbye to toys they have played with
  • Speaking to toys & actions like waving goodbye help kids detach
  • Shower praise on your child when they a toy back on their own
  • Reassure them that the store will still have their item
  • Use lines like "see you next time", "we had fun playing together"
Good behavior Rewards
  • Praise, Praise, Praise
  • Compliment & reinforce their wise behavior choices
  • Rewards do not have to be buying a toy, candy or ice cream
  • Spend some time together at the playground
  • Take a detour and walk in the park
We are so moved when we watch our kids put toys back on the shelves, say good bye and unknowingly teach us about delayed gratification. How humbling it was to watch our daughter put back her favorite baby doll--we just wanted to buy everything for her.

Shopping with kids is exciting and can be challenging & stressful, but with a little bit of forward planning and guidance for your kids, it can be a very enjoyable, relaxing and fun time together.

Get excited and enjoy your next Shopping trip together.

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