My Sore Nipples!
Enjoy Breastfeeding Again
Here's How...

Sore and cracked nipples are uncomfortable & extremely painful!

Sore nipples main causes are incorrect latching onto the nipple areola and carelessness when taking your baby off of your breast.

My first baby tore open both of my nipples and it was not the experience I thought breastfeeding would be. Here is my summary of what has worked for me and my hope is that it will help you and encourage you to keep on breastfeeding.

Sore Nipples & Prevention
  • starting to breastfeed, your nipples may feel tender for a few days
  • vary your nursing positions to help deal with nipple soreness
  • using a breast nipple shield can ease your discomfort
  • this soreness can heal quickly with exposure to the air
  • make sure that your baby gets enough of the nipple in its mouth
  • bring your baby to the breast--avoid leaning your breast forward
  • good nursing technique is correct positioning your baby to breast
  • your baby automatically turns their head towards what it touches
  • practice with a baby doll or pillow to get the technique
  • allow your nipples to air dry after each feeding
  • avoid nursing only on 1 side--shift breasts after 5-7 minutes
  • limit long stretches between nursing--wake up your baby if needed
Cracked Nipples
  • can be painful & can lead to breast infection
  • rub some of your milk around on them & let them air dry
  • apply baby lotion to breast pad
  • take care to empty breast and watch for signs of infection
Great preventative measures against getting sore nipples or cracked nipples is to air them out and to start & finish breast breastfeeding as 'properly' as you can--a good firm suction latch on and a clear released 'no pull-off' removal. My first baby really tore apart my nipples, the pain was unbelievable--I wish I had known about the nipple shields and got some of these tips back then.

I hope these tips will help you to overcome some of the natural soreness and discomfort of breastfeeding and be able to really enjoy bonding with your beautiful baby through breastfeeding.

You can do it!

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