Goodbye Store Tantrums
Get Rid Of Them Today!

We see kids having all kinds of store tantrums every time we go out shopping. Whether we are looking to buy clothes, toys or groceries, we are given opportunities to guide our children to what is good and appropriate store behavior. One of them will still try to test on occasion, but it has become easier to deal with.

We use leading conversations, wish book references and keeping clear behavior expectations every time we go out shopping with our kids.

Tantrums start when a child wants something, and can't have it.

Dealing With Unacceptable Behavior
  • screaming, stamping, kicking & floor tantrums are not acceptable
  • store tantrums never help you, your child or anyone in the store
  • negative attention seeking to get their way is unacceptable
  • shopping together is a privilege not a right
  • outline clearly the purpose of the store visit
  • allowing tantrums makes them grow and gets harder to deal with
  • buying to stop a tantrum reinforces the 'get what I want' behavior
  • speak firmly with a child wanting something before it escalates
  • recognize & deal quickly with a child not getting what they want
  • use distractions of other things in the store
  • make positive references to adding 'wants' into their wish book
  • use cart or stroller time for minor offenses & a quick time out
  • firmly warn continued behavior means leaving the store
  • never accept "they'll grow out of it", deal with it now
  • practice zero tolerance, give immediate consequences
  • complete out of hand behavior--pack up & leave the store
Discipline for unacceptable behavior when out of your home is always challenging and never easy. We love having a stroller with us in a store to provide our toddler with a 'mobile lock down' time out. A great freedom remover and fast teacher how they should not behave when out.

Compliment good appropriate behavior both in and out of the store to reinforce the wise behavior choices your child made. Praise every success, it will make your shopping experiences much more enjoyable.

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