Kids Birthday Thank You Notes
Make'em Feel Special
For Coming To Your Birthday!

Having a Party is a lot of fun. Thoughtful thank you notes for all your party guests lets them know you appreciate them, enjoyed your time together & it makes them feel special, the 'icing on the cake' for coming to your party.

Here are our very own tried & tested thank-you-note ideas that we like to use with all our Kids Birthdays:

4 Practical Thank You Note Ideas

Practical Tip #1: Do Pre-Planning
  • Double check your camera is loaded and ready for the big day
  • Have good lighting Birthday picture locations in home or on site
  • Buy thank you cards or have the software you will want to use
  • Outline expectations, attitudes & what to say receiving gifts
Practical Tip #2: Take Pictures, Take Pictures, Take Pictures...
  • Take pictures & video during the celebration
  • Take group & individual guest pictures throughout the rthday
  • Have a picture of each guest with the Birthday child
Practical Tip #3: Capture Gift Opening Memories
  • Have pictures of your Birthday Girl/Boy opening each present
  • Take 2 pictures of each guest with the Birthday child & their gift
Practical Tip #4: Personalize Birthday Thank-You-Notes
  • Add pictures with the guest from the party
  • Add a hand drawn picture, autographed by the Birthday child
  • Have your child write something positive about:
    (i) -the fun they had having them at their party
    (ii) -the gift they received
  • Include hand written Birthday-thank-you-messages & sign them

We have used these thank you note ideas for each of our children's Birthday parties. Getting them out within a week of the party is important but with our daily schedules & commitments it can get a bit challenging. If you are pressed for time just before a big holiday like Christmas or summer, then make sure you are ready to start handing out the thank you notes within the following week. Leaving these notes for a few weeks loses some of the impact and buzz you have created from having a great birthday party.

Have fun sending out your kids Birthday thank you cards and...

Build some great new Birthday memories.

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