Knowing Why Children Misbehave
Discipline Step #1!

There are many reasons why children misbehave

The situations and circumstances may vary but when a child's needs are not being met, you will have misbehaving children on your hands.

Once you know the reasons why you are getting behavior problems you can choose more wisely the best discipline strategy for the situation.

We feel empowered to discipline our kids when we can look through their eyes and see the underlying causes to their misbehavior.

Reasons Children Misbehave
  • hungry, tired or sick
  • physical discomfort--hurt,tummy ache,headache,scrapes,bruises
  • reaction to not getting what they want right away
  • idle hands, bored without being challenged enough
  • over stimulated, too many things going on around them
  • lacking centered attention on them
  • parent is too busy for too long, preoccupied with yourself
  • irritable from dehydration, a sugar rush or low blood sugar
  • jealousy and insufficient attention on them
  • not spending enough quality time with them
  • frustrations--zipping up their jacket or taking their jacket off
  • too close to nap time or bed time
  • going out shopping in the late afternoon without proper rest
  • just wanting to do their own thing and not following rules
We have often really wondered why children misbehave and we try to see why our kids are misbehaving with each 'acting up' before we jump head on into full discipline mode. Often we have gotten a bit busy, missed their cues and not given them the love and attention that they need.

Investing time into 'Dates' with each child once a week has been a great way for each of our children to get quality one on one time with Mom and Dad. The results are immediate benefits of peace, extra hugs, helpfulness and lots of good behavior.

Try looking through your children's eyes and plan some dates this month. You will be surprised and astounded.

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