Christmas Advent Calendar
Building Family Traditions

Start a new Christmas family tradition with an advent calendar for each family member. Share each others excitement opening a little daily gift door for the 24 days before Christmas this December.

We love having a Christmas calendar for each family member looking forward to this family tradition of choosing the calendar they would really like or making one with individualized calendar ideas.

Vintage Traditional Calendar Ideas
24 Door Calendar With:
  • little Christmas Pictures
  • small to medium chocolates
'Newer' Christmas Calendar Ideas
24 Door Calendar With:
  • gummy bears
  • specialty chocolates
  • kinder egg chocolates
  • trinket toys
'Specialty Theme' Christmas Calendar For Kids
  • Lego City
  • My Little Pony
  • Puzzle Ball
  • Clik-Its
  • Mini Baby Born
  • Beads & Jewels
  • Playmobile
  • Polly Pocket
'Him & Her' Calendar
  • Garland pockets to fill with candies & chocolates
  • Him & Her gifts
  • Love notes
  • Treasure hunt gift-a-day

Buying a complete calendar or filling each compartment yourself is exciting and fun. You can buy Christmas felt pocket garlands in shapes of stars, socks, Santa or snowmen(there are all kinds). Check Christmas catalogs, online stores and don't forget to surf for deals and ideas through Amazon and eBay. Another nice option is to purchase a wooden toy, table center piece or stand in a Christmas shape with 24 little drawers to fill.

For Husbands and Wives, I highly recommend having a treasure hunt through your home with each daily gift wrapped in a themed wrapping paper--our kids are not just excited about their little gifts but they love to see Mom and Dad surprising each other with a special gift each day. Another great idea is buying a traditional Christmas house with a musical scenery set in motion when a door is opened revealing a little gift and a love note with hints to a Christmas present hidden in your home.

Planning for 24 personalized gifts is a challenge that keeps us thinking about our spouse for a couple months before our Christmas celebration. A great tradition that keeps us thinking about surprising each other in specials ways for weeks and weeks.

Try thoughtful and personalized advent calendars this Christmas and enjoy building a fun and exciting 'new' family tradition everyone will love.

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