Hearty Bauern Fruhstuck
A Great Healthy Potato Meal
For The Whole Family!

This farmer's breakfast or Bauern Fruhstuck as it was called while growing up is a healthy and hearty potato recipe that can be used as a breakfast recipe or a filling meal for any time of the day, that will satisfy your family for the rest of their day. The potatoes that are cooked in a big skillet or frying pan(a non stick or quick cook pan is best, but a 1/4 stick of butter works well) Eggs and additional toppings of your choice makes this meal cover all of your family's food group needs. Our kids love to help with the chopped up potatoes, mixing the eggs and adding the cheese. This getting healthy for breakfast recipe with potatoes is ready in 30 minutes, saves us time and grocery money so we usually use it once a week on our busiest 'after school activity' day.

Whether you make this Bauern Fruhstuck for breakfast, lunch or dinner it will carry you through the day or the rest of the night.

Here are the steps on how you make this fantastic potato recipe:

Recipe Step #1: Get Your Potatoes
Healthy Pan Potatoes
- 1-1.5 kg potatoes
- 1/4 cup butter

  1. Peel all potatoes and rinse in water
  2. Put the pan onto the stove and turn up to 4-5
  3. Cut all potatoes into your choice of quarters, blocks, fries, or discs
  4. Add potatoes into the frying pan
  5. Cover pan, regularly turn potatoes over with a plastic spatula
A 'quick-cook' pan shouldn't need any butter but our pans need a bit. Turn heat down to a 4 turning potatoes over often to prevent any potato burning. Prepare egg mixture in between times of turning potatoes over.
Recipe Step #2: The 'Egg Mixture'
'Egg Mixture' Ingredients List
- 3-5 medium to large eggs
- 1/4 cup diced onions
- 1/2 tsp ground black pepper
- 1/4-1/2 cup milk
- 1-2 Tbsp fined chopped pepperoni
Combining the 'Egg' mixture ingredients
  1. Combine eggs in a mixing bowl and whisk
  2. Add diced onions, pepper, milk and pepperoni
  3. Mix egg mixture well
Continue turning over the potatoes in the pan. When the potatoes are cooked through and break apart easily(approx. 10-15 minutes) pour the egg mixture over all the potatoes. Mix around occasionally to allow the eggs to cook throughout the potatoes.

The bauern fruhstuck recipe steps #3-#5 are optional additions you can try(they do need to be done while continuing to turn over the potatoes). We have included them for some extra flavor and variety, and we are sure you and your family will enjoy any combination.
Recipe Step #3: Optional--Heinz Baked Beans In Tomato Sauce
  1. Heat can of beans in a small pot on stove heat level 4-5
  2. Remove from heat when cooked through(approx. 5 minutes)
  3. Alternatively heat on high to a boil, occasionally stirring then remove
Recipe Step #4: Optional--Fried Onions, Mushrooms & Peppers
'Side Order' Ingredients
- 1/4 stick of butter
- 3 medium onions
- 1 cup sliced mushrooms
- 1 cup red & yellow peppers(optional)
Frying up the side order
  1. Heat up frying pan on stove at a heat level of 4-5
  2. Add butter to pan if needed(quick cook pan won't need it)
  3. Turn over onions, mushrooms and peppers in pan
  4. Remove from heat when well cooked through
Recipe Step #5: Optional--Adding Cheese
  1. Grate 1/2 cup to 1 cup cheese of your choice
  2. Sprinkle grated cheese over the potato and eggs & cover
  3. Turn off heat and allow the cheese to melt covered
Pile the potatoes, eggs and side orders onto toasted bread plain or with garlic butter for an extra power boost to your day.

Try some of the optional steps, and enjoy making this hearty and great tasting breakfast recipe together for any meal.

Bauern Fruhstuck cooking details
The Serving Totals: 8 large servings
The Preparing Time: 15 minutes
Cooking Time Total: 20 minutes

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Hearty Potatoes

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