Kids Party Planning Step #2:
Birthday Dates For Your Calendar!

Keep up with your party planning checklist with some alternative Birthday dates. You will need to consider a few things before finalizing your decision for the best date to celebrate your child's Birthday.

Go through this step quickly to get a date in your calendar that you can work with. Start with a couple of possible birthday dates but narrow it down as quickly as you can and go with it. We often need to consider in our party planning the best time of the day for the birthday and availability of Birthday party entertainment and Birthday party locations for kids we might like.

We need to remember when scheduling a Birthday party to:
  • Check 2-3 dates that could fit our schedules & commitments
  • Check our calendar holidays, vacations & sports events
  • Consider traveling times and costs for out-of-town guests
  • Be mindful of the day of the week and the age of our guests

We always like to try and schedule a date for our kids birthday party that will be easy for all of the kids to actually make it to the party. It doesn't always work but scheduling around competitions, school activities and advertised events helps our kids to enjoy everyone that can attend.

We have made a few blunders in this area over a couple of our last kids b-day parties. Once we decided we would shift the b-day party 1 week later because we had a few extra things that were going on and it would allow us all to better enjoy the celebration together--I think from now on we will stick to the closest weekend to the birth-date since we had extra clashes with other birthday parties which added conflicts for other families and some disappointment to the birthday boy. Forward planning with an extra couple of weeks is definitely the way to go, and relieve some of the stress that can creep up--we always want it to be a great day filled with fun and laughter for all the guests and especially the special b-day child.

A Birthday theme & a party date, our next kids party planning step...

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