Kids Party Planning Step #3:
Birthday Party Locations For Kids
Choose & Pick Your Party Place!

Keep on party planning with Birthday party locations for kids that will work for you and your family. It is your choice whether you host the party in your own home or outside your home at a kids Birthday party place.

You could save some money hosting the Birthday in your home depending on how extravagant you want to go with your decorations. If you keep things reasonable with decorations and baking your own Birthday cake you can save a lot on your Birthday expense account.

Take some extra time to check availability of out-of-home Birthday places.

2 Main Considerations For Your Party Location:

I) Location Considerations:
  • Amusement parks, Water Parks, Nature Parks, Zoos or a Farm
  • Aquariums, Children's Museums, Arcades or Roller Skating
  • Karate Club, Bowling Alley, Rock Climbing, Laser Tag or Mini-Golf
  • Rock climbing Centers, Gymnastic Halls or Sport centers
  • Arts & Crafts Centers, Party Centers, Bakeries, Restaurants
  • Firehouse, Swimming Pools, Cottage Camping or The Beach
II) Considerations On Location:
  • Indoor space limitations and safety
  • Time & materials for set-up and clean-up
  • Rules, restrictions & the age of your guests
  • Outdoor limitations and weather effects

Hosting in your own home does allow you to maintain a more personable atmosphere across all the birthday guests but it does take more organizational time on your part--but well worth the investment.

For purely out of home locations --check around your area for special birthday deals for quick time saving party organization done for you. Keep in mind it is a bit more expensive and you will need to add some effort on the Big Day at most places to keep the party personable. Great birthday party locations for kids don't have to be out of your home or in your home, but a combination of the two can be lots of fun and excitement for the kids(even though it will require some extra logistical organization on your part--it is worth it though).

Both party place choices will be memorable. Choose according to your own family desires and situations.

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