Top 5 Categories Of Birthday Decorations!

Have fun putting up your Birthday decorations at your home or the party location you have booked. We often over do it, but it is a lot of fun having balloons and streamers everywhere. Take extra care with balloons and little children--they are lots of fun but they can also be very very dangerous.

Our 5 categories of decorations will help you organize and plan your next birthday party. It has helped us avoid Birthday planning overload stress.

All the decoration supplies out there? --You Just Don't Need Them All!

Top 5 Birthday Decorations Categories

Category #1: Balloons
  • Helium balloons
  • Latex & foil balloons
  • Character,shape, number & novelty balloons
  • Theme colored balloons
  • Solid/Marbled & metallic balloons
  • Balloon archways
  • Personalized balloons
Category #2: Walls & Happy Birthday Banners
  • Wall Deco scene setters
  • Signs & Banners
  • Furniture Decos
  • Wall & door picture decos
  • Wall cutouts
  • Banners made or ordered
  • Wall streamers
  • Yard signs and door signs
Category #3: Hanging Party Decorations
  • String, Ribbon & Crepe Streamers
  • Curling Ribbons, hanging swirls
  • Happy Birthday pull out streamer
  • Foil Door Fringes
  • Flags & buntings
  • Shimmer door & hanging curtains
  • Decoration lights
Category #4: Settings & Centerpieces
  • Tableware, table-covers & tablecloths
  • Settings--plates, cups, serviettes & cutlery
  • Personalized cake boxes, coasters, napkins & place-cards
  • royalty, dressed up Birthday chair + crown or tiara
  • Themed table confetti
Category #5: Blowers, Poppers, Piñatas & Specials
  • Party blowers clappers & poppers
  • Confetti party poppers & canons
  • Whistles, spinners & clappers
  • Standard, number design & pull string Piñatas
  • Themed Party inflatables
  • Bubble blowers, kazoos & stampers
  • Party costumes

There are so many supplies of Birthday decorations to choose from it can get really overwhelming. Choose 2 per category and you will have a great party with plenty of decorations, and... If You Haven't Got It, You Won't Miss It!

Add variety to each of your Party Location Decoration Areas

Remember: Focus on your Birthday child, and have a great party!

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