Birthday Parties Decoration Areas
Where To Put 'Up' Birthday Decorations?!

Knowing where to put each Birthday parties decoration can be a lot of fun with your special theme based Birthday decorations. Add atmosphere and ambiance to every party with Birthday decor ideas that blend in the Birthday theme with its colors from room to room in your party place.

Be creative as you look at your 'Party Central' location, and...

Set the adventure with these Birthday tips on areas to decorate:

Areas For Party Decorations

  • Front door & main entrance
  • Doorways & archways
  • Support pillars, walls & ceilings
  • Foyer, hallways & even the bathroom
  • Kitchen, dining room tables & chairs
  • Birthday chair--give it a special 'Royal' treatment
  • Cabinets, shelving units & light fixtures
  • Table centerpiece & place settings at the eating & snack table
  • Dress up the gift table specific to the Birthday theme
  • Windows, lamp posts, trees, driveway, parking lot
  • Balcony, terrace and the veranda if your location has them

Birthday decorating in our home has lots of balloons, both helium and the 'blow them up yourself' kind, but a good balloon air-pump makes blowing up 50 balloons easier. Streamers and color themed Birthday decor confetti tend to stay for the week, especially our 'Balloon Gauntlet Hallway'.

Combine 'areas to decorate' with our Birthday decorating ideas from our 5 Birthday Decorations Categories and build a memorable Birthday.

We go a little 'overboard' decorating so try to focus on only a few areas. Our dining room always serves as the food zone for piling up the birthday plates with snacks and cake, and as the gift opening center. This is a key area for streamers, balloons and themed decorations for our kids birthday parties. An extravagant birthday parties decoration is not as important as keeping the common birthday party theme consistent through all areas of the party location.

Have fun with your imagination and Enjoy the party!

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