Kids Party Planning Step #5:
How About Some Unique
Birthday Party Entertainment!

Coming up with unique and memorable Birthday party entertainment can be real challenging. Now with 6 kids our creative juices are flowing a bit better with watching what each child is really interested in and what would make their birthday celebration a hit worth remembering. Booking wholesome birthday entertainment can add some real excitement to your kids party. Careful planning will keep it within your predetermined budget and fun for the birthday child.

Consider These Kids Birthday-Party Entertainment Ideas:
  • Kids music & show bands
  • Hire a professional DJ
  • Traveling Minstrels
  • Clowns & Circus performers
  • Magicians & Ventriloquists
  • Professional street performers
  • Reptile or Zoo trainer
  • Superheroes & Disney characters
  • Sesame street, Muppets & puppets appearances
  • Birthday Theme Characters or
  • Having a 'petting zoo' or a Pony ride

Think about your budget carefully as booking Birthday-party entertainment for kids and especially kids birthday entertainers can get expensive very quickly. Keep your focus on adding to your child's Birthday experience and try not to get 'sucked-into' trying to out-do last year's Jones' party.

We do enjoy making our kids birthday parties enjoyable and memorable, so we do sometimes go a little bit overboard, but we do keep our eye on budgeting. A carneval costume of a superhero, action figure or movie character can work great as a surprise guest appearance for one of our themed kids birthday parties. We have even had the transformers autobot leader Optimus Prime with a helmet voice modulator at our house which added an extra element to the birthday party entertainment that the kids just loved.

Your child will love planning together a memorable Birthday party.

Now that you've got the 5 basic Birthday party planning steps:
1. A focused Birthday Theme
2. An established Party Date
3. Your Party Location at home or booked
4. A scheduled Birthday Time
5. Some Party Entertainment
It is time for us to get down to the Birthday planning 'Meat and Potatoes'.
Let's write down and decide together about:
  • Birthday Invitations
  • Birthday Party Decorating
  • Party Food & Partyware
  • Birthday Games & Party Activities
  • Party Bags, Kids Party Favors, 'Loot' Bags & Goodie Bag Ideas and
  • Memorable Thank You Notes
Have Fun and Enjoy a great Birthday Party!

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