Buttercream Icing for Cakes
Sweet & Easy To Make!

This is a sweet buttercream icing for cakes that takes well to both liquid and paste food coloring, and hardens up beautifully on a chilled cake. If I need to thin the consistency of this icing I like to use a bit of water or add some texture with some milk or buttermilk. In any case you will to thin it's consistency if you need to make spreading or piping the icing easier. Using this icing for decorating cakes and cupcakes is really a pleasure because I am confident every time that it will always take well. I also use this as a base to 'glue' or stick pieces of cake together or with character cakes I like to use it as a 'sealant' between the cake and the tray/plate or cake board(which I tend to make myself with a large book covered with aluminium foil taped to the underside)

Buttercream Icing: The Ingredients
Ingredients List
- 1 cup white vegetable shortening
- 3-4 cups icing sugar sifted
- 1 Tbsp milk

Creaming Ingredients Together
  • With your mixer cream the shortening in a large mixing bowl
  • Add icing sugar 1 spoon at a time & cream well after each addition
  • Add milk to soften the consistency if needed & cream the icing
  • Add liquid or paste icing colors to portions of icing as desired
  • Chill icing portions to harden a bit & pipe directly to cake

Smoothly cream the icing through each step. Add extra small portions of milk as needed for a more manageable consistency. Decorate & chill.

I love working with this very sweet icing when piping decorations on cakes for different family celebrations. It is easy to use for piping and it takes very well to both food coloring and paste colors. It is also a great icing 'adhesive' to keep pieces of cakes in place on the cake presentation plate.

Enjoy this sweet buttercream icing for cakes as a frosting for not only your cakes but it's also great on cookies, cupcakes or muffins for your next celebration.

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