Christmas Stockings For Family
Stuffed Memories In A Sock!

We love to super stuff all our family Christmas stockings with special little stocking stuffer gifts to enjoy early on Christmas Day. We started this Christmas tradition only a few years ago and our kids love it--us included.

Our kids enjoyed their stockings so much this year that they were grateful for the single present from Jesus under our Christmas tree and appreciate the less fortunate children pictures hanging on the tree.

Here are our family stocking stuffer Christmas ideas. Our kids love them.

Stocking Basics
  • Set up one per family member for Christmas morning
  • Decorate each name tag, use a sticker or sew on their name
  • Choose the traditional fireplace hang up location or...
  • Hang on a door handle, bed, chair, shelving unit or clothes closet
  • Set kids table with a Christmas cookies/goodies plate for each
Stuffing Ideas
  • Candy canes: original, flavor & color specialties
  • Gummy bears, candies & chocolates
  • Kinder surprise eggs--2 small and 1 large for each
  • Favorite character underwear and socks
  • Colored gum packs or gum tape for each
  • A Kids magazine with a 'gizmo', prize or toy specific to the child
  • Magazine for Dad & Mom for the house, home and garden or...
  • Magazines on fashion, finances, puzzles, hobbies & interests
  • Reeces pieces, smarties, marzipan balls & marzipan animals
  • Hot wheels or Disney Cars cars, 1 for each stocking
  • Specialty chocolates, Santa gum balls, little trinkets
  • Small gifts:lego,playmobile,care bears,brets,beads,puzzles,cars
  • Sticker packs, special notes and a Christmas card

We love each stocking stuffed with gifts that are meaningful to each family member. Christmas traditions grow out of simple Christmas ideas made special on Christmas Day or during the Christmas season that your family enjoys each year. We all look forward to this family tradition every year.

Build seasonal family traditions: try stockings for Christmas, shoeboxes for Valentines, baskets for Easter & backpacks or grab-bags for Birthdays.

Be creative, Enjoy and Have Fun Starting a New Family Tradition.

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