Fast Cream Cheese Icing Recipe!

This is a quick & easy cream cheese icing recipe. Whip it up in 10 minutes.

A great creamy icing alternative to some of those super sweet 'sugar rush' icings and store bought frostings. Grandma would love to add this one into her recipe book.

I was partly forced into getting into this type of 'frosting' for cakes and muffins and at the same time I was trying to find an alternative to the excessively sweet icings. Cream cheese makes the frosting manageable and semi thick(also good for piping when the consistency is hard enough), it adds a nice taste for your taste buds and brings some extra flavor. Our kids love to use the 'extra' leftover icing as a buttercookie frosting dip.

3 steps of combining shortening, confectioners powdered sugar & cream cheese & this creamy frosting is ready to have with muffins, cakes or as a cool cookie dip.

Cream Cheese Icing: The Ingredients
Ingredients List
- 1 cup white vegetable shortening
- 3 cups icing sugar sifted
- 1 250g package cream cheese
Creaming Ingredients Together
  • With your mixer cream the shortening in a large mixing bowl
  • Add 1 spoon icing sugar at a time, cream well after each addition
  • Add 1 spoon cream cheese at a time, mix well after each addition
  • Use liquid or paste icing colors to color desired portion of icing
  • Chill cream cheese icing in the fridge

Take extra time to smoothly cream the icing at every step--no clumps.

Our whole family loves this creamy frosting that isn't too sweet. It is great to top cookies and once moderately chilled I love to use it to pipe decorations on cakes for birthdays and other celebrations. I will admit that the thicker cream cheese tends to give better piping consistencies for my cake decorating. Try out this cream cheese icing recipe for the next time you are looking for a tasty flavored frosting.

Enjoy this creamy frosting at your next celebration.

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