Kids Birthday Favours
'Special' Party Goodie Bag Ideas!

Kids Birthday favours are a really great way to end your Birthday party with a memorable and special Thank You For Coming To My Party' gift bag. Loot bags & party bags add a personal touch to your Birthday celebration.

We love planning and preparing our birthday goodie bag ideas together.

Try some of these fun party favors for kids:

5 Tips To Make Memorable Loot Bags

Tip #1: Check Out The Deals
  • Check the deals and choose a special party loot bag
  • Keep loot bags connected to your birthday party theme
  • Have theme colored or shaped party favor bags
  • Try to find small or medium sized themed loot bags
  • Look for rocket packs, back packs or shoulder bags
Tip #2: Personalize Goodie Bags
  • Add guest names to each of the party loot bags
  • Stitch, sticker or tag kids names onto the goodie bags
  • Add color & designs to each name on the party bags
Tip #3: Party Theme & Party Favor Toys
  • Keep to the party theme
  • Add gender appropriate party favor toys to loot bags
  • Add fun favors every party guest can enjoy
Tip #4: Re-usable Themed Party Gifts
  • Add a personalized CD connected to the party theme
  • Put in a CD of some favorite music
  • Add a water bottle or a popcorn barrel
  • Include a small themed bag or theme shaped container
  • Find a spaceship or a princess purse
Tip #5: Add Extra 'Loot'
  • Add themed key chains, trinkets or 'bouncy' balls
  • Make a craft for each of the goodie bags
  • Personalize a chocolate bar or candy wrapper
  • Make a hero or princess medallion out of cookies
  • Include a coupon for a favorite ice cream store
  • Everyone brings a themed book to exchange

Encourage and guide the Birthday child to take the initiative to go up to each child as they leave the party to hand out loot bags and say:

'Thanks For Being Part Of My Birthday Party!'

Kids birthday favours are a great way to give each of your birthday party guests a loot bag to take home as a thank you for coming to the party. It is great to see our kids 'giving' to their invited friends at the end of their party.

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