New Years Celebration
1st Day Of The Year
Family Traditions

New years day and our family new years celebration usually starts a bit later than our normal 6:30 am start. We love to snuggle up on the couch looking at all the colorful lights from Christmas(yes we keep them up until new years)before starting games, wearing our costumes and enjoying food and each others company.

Reviewing our goals from last year and writing down each of our goals & aspirations for this new year on a special card helps us to focus on what we really want to do and accomplish in this new year. Food dishes, games and movie time on the living room couch follow. Sometimes we will go outside if we are motivated to brave the cold. This does not happen often.

We are still building our new years traditions one year at a time.

Have fun together & try some of our new year ideas with your own family.

Special Breakfast Time Together
  • Make a special breakfast to enjoy time together
  • Make table settings festive for the start of the New Year
  • Keep up the balloons and streamers for the day
  • Have some cake and make a toast to your family
Goals & Resolutions
  • Open and review your old resolutions from the past year
  • Under each category make your new year goals and resolutions
  • Add realistic dates and time-lines for every goal
  • Number multiple goals in one category in order of importance
  • Share your goals with your whole family
  • Give and receive positive affirming encouragement for each goal
Stamp It & Seal It
  • Seal your card and stamp it with your name and today's date
  • Place all cards in a safe drawer for frequent review
  • Date & sign every monthly or quarterly review of your resolutions
More New Years Activities
  • We get dressed up in our costumes and play around the house
  • We play boardgames, twister and doodles or charoodles
  • Indoor wrestling, movie time, outdoor walks or fun in the snow

We use a personalized card to write in our new year goals and we like to have our category goals written on separate cue cards for daily, weekly and monthly review. Checking and dating your reviews regularly helps to keep you accountable. It does get a bit tricky & challenging finding the time with the busyness of family life.

Enjoy your New Years day activities building new years traditions.

Your family will love & enjoy your new years celebration together!

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