Valentines For Him
Special Valentine Days Ideas
He Will Love!

Show your love for the man in your life

Have a valentines for him celebration that makes him feel loved, appreciated and the center of your world. What an awesome day to celebrate together, and we hope some of our valentine days ideas will help you make it really memorable.

Maybe the man you fell in love with and married would like a special valentines for husband nickname, or a romantic getaway for just the two of you to walk, play and laugh together.

Valentines ideas for a boyfriend? For your husband or that special man in your life. These valentines for him will work out great for both of you!

Gifts For Your Man
  • Men like practical gifts they can put to good use
  • Toys & gadgets are great for your 'tinkerer'
  • Choose gifts that are specific for his hobbies & interests
  • Give him your time and undivided attention
  • Cook & bake his favorite snacks, meals & desserts
  • Wrap yourself up for a romantic evening together
  • Initiate unplanned, spontaneous sex and dress yourself up for him
  • Take him out on the town, just the two of you
  • Give him tickets to a show or go watch his favorite team
  • Make a coupon booklet for him that he can redeem any time
  • Lavishly praise him with words of affirmation and your appreciation
How To Plan
  • Always plan for him and not yourself.
  • Start early
  • Study him, ask questions and take a quiz together
  • Show your love and care for him through your gift
  • Give thought to the gift and your loved one
  • Package, decorate & present beautifully --you & your gift
  • Keep your focus on showing him he's special to you
Give Him A Nickname
Here's a few loving nicknames for him to get you started:
- Amazing - Angel - Angel Eyes
- Baby Cakes - Cuddle Bear - Cuddles
- Handsome - Hero - Honey
- Honey Bear - Hot Lips - Hot Stuff
- Hottie - Man Of My Dreams - Muscles
- My Big Bear - My Hero - My Romeo
- Studd Muffin - Sugar Buns - Sugar Lips
- Superman - Sweetheart - Your Own...

Top 4 Valentines For Him

1) Dedication Day
Dedicate the day to learning something new that your man loves to do:
  • How to golf or fish
  • How to hike or play his favorite video game
  • How is his favorite game played

2)Gift Baskets For Him
Sports Basket
  • Include favorite deodorant,cologne and a team T-shirt
  • Add goodies, chocolates and a pair of sports tickets
  • Includes a hat, scarf & team T-shirt to watch his favorite team
Movie Basket
  • Favorite movies, seasoned popcorn, cookies & chocolates
  • Favorite goodies and snacks with snuggle couch blanket
Pampered Basket
  • Homemade specialties that he likes: cookies, brownies
  • Foot and body creams & oils for massage
  • Music with an evening for some one-on-one night time fun
  • Create your own themes to pamper him with your love
3) Hobby & Game Gifts
  • Give a gift for his favorite hobby
  • Give him games, 'Tech' toys and tools
4) Personalized Love Jar
  • fill a jar with 365 days of surprises
  • Use quotes, promises, funny comics, sweets or little love notes
  • use colored paper roll up notes, tape/tie them with metallic ribbon
  • Label it with fancy writing or use the computer
  • Decorate the jar cover and tie a ribbon around it

Whether you will use these Valentines for him ideas for Valentines, his Birthday, your Anniversary or any special day to celebrate, show your love to your man and enjoy your relationship time together. Make this Valentines for him a special celebration together, one he won't soon forget and you'll have him looking forward to 'his' next celebration with you and he'll be working for you the whole year through.

Have a GREAT Valentines Celebration with your Man

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